Gunntown Cemetery
Naugatuck, Connecticut

The Gunntown Cemetery is located on Gunntown Road in Naugatuck. Take Rubber Avenue until it intersects Gunntown Road, take a left onto Gunntown Road, and continue about one-half mile. The cemetery, which is enclosed in a stone wall, will be on your left. On a visit 8 September 2002 my GPS indicated that the elevation at the gate is 463 feet and that the geographic coordinates are N 45° 29.451', W 073° 06.271'.

When I was there 9 September 2001, the metal gate could not be budged. As a consequence I had to scale the wall. By the time I visited again in September 2002, someone had freed the gate or else my IQ had improved. During the 2002 visit I photographed the stone of Jobamah Gunn and his wife Hannah (stone lying on its back) and the stones of David Wooster, Sr. (stone upright) and his wife, Anna Doolittle (stone lying on its back). Here are the pictures.

This was Tory country during the Revolution, and the cemetery contains the remains of at least four people who figured as minor players in the events following the robbery at Ebenezer Dayton's residence in Bethany and the subsequent kidnapping of Chauncey Judd. It was in Jobamah Gunn's barn that the culprits first took refuge—with his knowledge. He further implicated himself by causing his wife, Hannah Candee, to provide them with breakfast. David Wooster, Sr. and his wife, Anna Doolittle, also became tainted when the perpetrators sheltered at their house and barn. Chauncey was imprisoned in the basement of the house and would have been murdered there except for the intervention of Mrs. Wooster. Among the wrong-doers were David Wooster, Jr. (son of David, Sr. and Anna), Henry Wooster, Jr. (son of a brother of David Sr.), and Samuel Doolittle (son of Anna's brother). Jobamah Gunn paid a stiff fine and David Wooster, Sr. paid a fine and spent some time in jail for their parts in sheltering the fugitives.

I have two files that list those buried in this cemetery.

     1.  A listing from The American Genealogist dating from 1936 or 1937 and containing extensive genealogical notations.
     2.  A listing from The Hale Cemetery Survey dating from 1934 and compiled by Levi L. Glasson and David Davis.

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