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This is a website to gather and publish information about the US Navy's first aircraft carrier based nuclear bomb carrying aircraft, and the personnel who flew, maintained and supported them. The period is from 1948 to 1956 - the dawning of the nuclear age and the Cold War, when atomic bombs and the threat of a nuclear war terrified citizens around the globe. One aspect of the "balance of power" was the US Navy's ability to launch atom bombers from aircraft carriers close to the enemy's shores.


The following pages are the first segment and includes history, book and article references, and names, addresses, and photographs of personnel.
The second segment with information about Hatwing, Hatu, Fasrons, and detailed aircraft data and photos is at ../../cerebralhush/USNavyHeavyAttack/index.html

The third segment with crew stories is at ../../vivianvalentine49/HeavyAttackSquadron/index.html

Kenneth "Bennie" Wooster's HATWING website is at

One of his current projects is a compilation of the life of each AJ Savage built.

Please check out his efforts, and review your memories and logbooks for any additions, comments, or corrections and send them to Bennie aka Bertie via his website email address.


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