Elderhostel Group at Hassan II Mosque
April 21, 2000


Back Row: John Keefe, Charlotte Rose, Beverly Gochis, Margaret Thalken, John Nevins, Edie Schulz, Donald Howland, Burton Black, Robert Lounsbury, Bonnie Zak
Middle Row: Donna Gallant, Ann Vincent, Marilyn Black, Diana Davis, Dorothy Last, Mokhtar Bouba, Kathryn Howland, Irene Collier, Barbara Larson, Barbara Grotjahn, Robert Heyder, Leonard Zak
Front Row: Kenneth Wooster, Mohammed (Simo), Charles Eldon, Ann Keefe, Betty Eldon, Gretchen Fink, Katherine Heyder, Robert Fink

This is one of the few mosques that non-Muslims are permitted to enter. Unfortunately, we were there on a Friday and could not go in.

Kenneth Jennings Wooster