Jairus M. Healy
(1842 - 1915)
Charles W. Tilden
(1851 - 1929)
Hulda C. Demurth
(1836 - 1926)
Emma F. Turner
(1855 - 1936)

William L. Healy Grace L. Tilden
bd. 1870
occ. Carpenter and boat-builder
dd. 16 May 1952, a Weymouth nursing home.
brd. 18 May 1952, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield
Notes: This man was called "Captain Healey." He and his wife lived at 40 Elm Street, Marshfield. Although I visited my Aunt Kitty (Mrs. John Joseph Hingston), who spent summers in a cottage close by (on Keene Road), in both 1936 and 1944, I have no clear recollection of the man. His obituary said that he had made Marshfield his home for 50 years, that he was a carpenter and boat-builder by occupation, and that he had charge of several South Shore properties in Seaview and Humarock.
bd. 1874
dd. 1968
brd. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield
Notes: I remember Mrs. Healy quite well. She had a parrot (Polly?) in her kitchen, and I was fascinated with it when I was a child. In her later years I took my mother and Aunt Elizabeth to visit her when she was staying in Scituate with her son Frank. Later (1964 or 1965) I took my mother and Aunt Elizabeth to visit her in a nursing home, perhaps in Marshfield.

Frank T. Healey
Edwin D. Healey

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