William L. Healy
(1870 - 1952)

Grace L. Tilden
(1874 - 1968)

Frank T. Healey  
bd. 1891
dd. 1978
brd. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield
Notes: Frank was an officer in France during WWI. He never married. At one time during the 1930s he ran an antique business. In 1952 he sold property at Ann Vinal Road (Egypt?) When I was in the service (circa 1953) he had an apartment in Boston on the Fenway. His mother lived with him during the late 1950s and early 1960s--in an apartment in Scituate as I recall. After his mother's death, he lived with some people who ran a funeral home (perhaps in Cohasset?) The funeral home was the one that was in charge of my Aunt Elizabeth's funeral in December 1965.

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