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     This is the web site of the Skaneateles Schools Alumni Association, which has a history going back to the 1870s. In these few pages we hope to provide you with a brief outline of our organization and its activities. Please feel free to contribute information and ideas to the site.

     We welcome both your comments on the site and your participation in the organization.

Important Changes to Skaneateles Schools Alumni Association

On February 2, 2011, the Skaneateles Schools Alumni Association (SSAA) Executive Board made the decision that for the foreseeable future SSAA activities will be restricted to the following:
   SSAA will continue to award annual scholarships as long as available funds allow.
   SSAA will continue to maintain the database of alumni names and addresses. Address changes brought to our attention will be updated in the database. When requested, this data will be provided to designated representatives of classes planning reunions.
   SSAA will continue to accept monetary donations. Any donations designated for scholarship use will be recorded in a separate account and strictly used for that purpose. Any non-designated donations will be placed in the general fund where they will be applied to scholarship and incidental expenses.

The future of the SSAA website has yet to be determined. For the present, deaths and other information will continue to be maintained on it.

This action is taken primarily due to the lack of response to appeals for new board membership. Alumni interested in helping with current or future board activities, please contact the board by mail or email. No annual newsletters or all-class reunions are planned.

Effective immediately the following is the new SSAA mailing address,:
Skaneateles Schools Alumni Association
45 East Elizabeth St.
Skaneateles, NY 13152

Our email address is
Our current website is
SCS website is

This and any future SSAA news will be posted on both websites.

Board Members: Anne Buehler, Linda Norris, Cassie Taylor, & John Yurco