Civil War Veterans Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fabius, New York

For the core data on which the following table is based, I am indebted to Virginia Cameron, the Village Historian of Fabius, (P.O. Box #117, Fabius, NY, 13063, 315-683-9446), and to Sandra K. Walling. Virginia compiled the original list, and Sandra thoughtfully made a copy available to me. Sandra and I have made (and are still working on) several additions and corrections. Virginia's data is in black font, while our additions/corrections are presented in a light gray color and enclosed in square brackets. Sandra's information has been taken from the AGO muster rolls on My material has come mostly from the AGO muster rolls on a CD that is part of Sierra's Generations Family Tree, version 5.2. I have attempted to identify and appropriately credit data not from either of these two sources. If you detect any obvious errors or have any information to add, please drop me a note.

O-10AINSWORTH, William—died, 1899His grave has a government-issue monument.
[William H. Ainsworth.—Age, 18 years. Enlisted, August 24, 1864, in Syracuse; mustered in as private, Co. F, 111th NYV Infantry; mustered out, June 4, 1865, at Alexandria, Virginia. He submitted a pension application, December 31, 1891.]
K-32ALLEN, Oren[/Orin] J.—died, 1 June 1862, at Fair Oaks, Va.[private, Co. I,] 61st NYV Infantry, (Capt. Demong's[/Deming's] Company) [The corrected spelling of Captain Deming's name is from Phisterer.]
G-20ANDREWS, George H.—died, 18 April 1865, aged 21[George Andrews.—Age, 21. Enlisted, August 9, 1864, at Fabius, as a private in Co. B; mustered out from 1st Provisional Cavalry, July 19, 1865, at Cloud's Mills, Va. (absent sick at muster out). NOTE: Somehow the military records of this man have been confounded with those of the man immediately below.]
E-34ANDREWS, Grant A.[/O.]—died, 12 June 1878, aged 39[Grant O. Andrews.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, August 9, 1864, at Fabius; mustered in as private, Co. H, 10th NYV Cavalry; died, April 18, 1865, at Fabius, N.Y. NOTE: Somehow the military records of this man have been confounded with those of the man immediately above.]
G-20ANDREWS, William T.—died, 6 December 1864, aged 23[William T. Andrews—Age, 22 years. Enlisted, February 4, 1864, at Fabius; mustered in as private, Co. B, 10th NYV Cavalry; died of wounds, December 6, 1864, at Army of the Potomac(?). His mother, Clarissa A. Andrews, submitted a pension application, July 24, 1865.]
C-8BABCOCK, Julius N.—died, 22 December 1864, in Andersonville, aged 22
[The Andersonville records give 12/27/1864 as DOD, but they are frequently off by several days.]
Co. I, 149th NYV Infantry
His grave has a government-issue monument
[private, Co. I, 140th NYV Infantry.
Andersonville records show that he is buried there, grave #12347. Cause of death: scorbutus. He was captured, May 5, 1864, at Wilderness.]
C-8BABCOCK, Orrin [L.]—died, 5 January 1864, in Libby PrisonCo. A, 121st NYV [maybe Pa.?] Infantry
His grave has a government-issue monument.
K-36BABCOCK, William S.—1837-1919Co. E, 52nd U. S. Infantry
I-41BARNES, Horace [A.]—died, 20 August 1862, in Chesapeake Hospital, aged 21[private,] Co. I, 12th NYV Infantry
H-23BRAMER, Benjamin W.—1844-1912[private, Co. H, 1st NYV Engineers]
H-23BRAMER, Lewis, Jr.—1840-1927[musician,] 12th NYV Infantry
See diary
C-1BROWN, Thaddeus—died, 2 May 1864, aged 17-8-11Co. A, 10th NYV Cavalry
[Thaddeus Brown.—Age, 18. Enlisted, February 27, 1864; mustered in, Co. A, 10th NYV Cavalry; died of disease, May 2, 1864, at Washington, D.C.]
I-53BURTON, Calvin, Jr.—died, 2 July 1896, aged 66Co. I, 12th NYV Infantry
A-6CALKINS, W. H.—died, 9 April 1865, aged 25Co. B, 10th NYV Infantry [Cavalry?]
[Records show that a William H. Calkins was a private, Co.B, 10th NYV Cavalry.]
C-3CAMERON, Edward—2 May 1843-24 December 1912[private,] Co. G, 61st NYV Infantry
K-4CHAFFEE, James Silas—1846-1926[James Chaffee.—Age, 18. Enlisted, December 19, 1863, at Fabius; promoted to Full Corporal, March 4, 1864; promoted to Full Private, September 10, 1865; (reduced to ranks)[?]; transferred to Co. K, 2nd Heavy Artillery Reg NY; mustered out, September 29, 1865, at Washington, D.C.]
A-2CHURCH, Levi [S.]—1847-1921[KJW found: private, Co. A, 24th NYV Cavalry.
SKW found: Levi Church.—Age, 18. Enlisted, December 7, 1863, at Fulton; served NY; transferred to Co. A, 1st Cavalry Regiment NY]
R-22CLARK, Joseph H.—1841-19004 August 1862 K Corps - 31 October 1862 to U.S. Infantry
C-2COATS, Hiram G[/E].—died, 23 December 1891, aged 72Co. H, 149th NYV Infantry
[private, Co. E, 149th NYV Infantry]
 CORBIN, Henry—see Pettit, Henry 
P-10COX, Walter E.—1831-1926[Walter E. Cox: Enlisted 4 Jan 64 Pompey as a 32 year old Private. Served NY enlisted "U" Co. 3rd Cav Reg]
P-29CUNNINGHAM, William—died, 31 October 1895, aged 68 
A-24DAVIS, Parker—died, 24 April 1916, aged 68Enlisted, as private, 9 January 1865, Co. B, 122nd NYV Infantry, Ruggles Regiment. Discharged, 23 June 1865.
I-74 & 73GOODRICH, Ezra—died, 29 December 1893, aged 65Co. H, 1st NYV Engineers
[private (later artificer), Co. U, 1st NYV Engineers. He may also have been in Co. R, 15th NYV Engineers.]
C-9HODGES, Wesley Jefferson[private, Co. E, 149th NYV Infantry.] He enlisted, at age 25, at Pompey, 30 August 1863. In Fabius, 1891.
K-32LANSING, Eugene [R.]—died, 11 March 1898, aged 67Co. I, 155th NYV Infantry
[private, Co. I, 185th NYV Infantry]
????LAWRENCE, HenryEnlisted, at age 41, at Pompey, 27 August 1862. Adopted son of "Mr." Lawrence. Present in Fabius, 1891. Source: Syracuse Journal, 6-10-1862 and Onondaga Historical Association.
B-15LEWIS, F. Wayland—died, 10 March 1865, aged 20, in hospital, Washington, D.C.He was the only sailor from Fabius.
[The only Wayland Lewis in the AGO muster rolls enlisted in Syracuse, at age 21, July 22, 1863, as a private, Co. A, 15th NYV Cavalry. He deserted at Syracuse, August 29, 1863. If it is the same man, he must have enlisted in the navy after deserting from the cavalry.]
I-85McELHINNEY, John—died, 30 March 1886, aged 59Battery B, Maryland Light Artillery
E-25 MORGAN, W. Albert—1844-1912
[See note below.]
Co. A, 10th NYV Cavalry.
[The records show a William A. Morgan as a private in Co. A, 10th NYV Cavalry.]
H-7PETTIT, George Doer—22 September 1842-12 August 1872 
H-7(CORBIN) PETTIT, Henry—died, June 1862Foster son of Lucia Peck and Jonathon Pettit
C-10PHILLIPS, Samuel—died, 19 April 1863, aged 20, in hospital, Washington, D.C.[private,] Co. B, 122nd NYV Infantry
[His name appears in Ruggle's Regiment, and that is where I found his rank.]
M-10PRESTON, John—died, 26 May 1892, aged 62Co. I, 61st NYV Infantry
I-39ROBBINS, Luther—died, 4 September 1905, aged 68private, Co. O, 64th NYV Infantry
[private, Co. C, 61st NYV Infantry]
C-15ROBERTSON, Clarence A.—6 March 1831-20 October 1864
[Ruggle's Regiment gives H as middle initial.]
[private,] Co. B, 122nd NYV Infantry. He was captured at the Wilderness and died, [of dysentery,] at Andersonville. [Andersonville grave #11195.]
E-26ROWLEY, Cassius [C.]—1844-1863[private, Co. G, 61st NYV Infantry]
H-13ROWLEY, Orsen[/Orson S.]—1840-[private,] Co. G, 61st NYV Infantry
P-32SHERMAN, Henry—died, 31 May 1898, aged 85[The records show a Henry Sherman, who was a corporal in Co. E, 61st NYV Infantry. Could it be he?]
B-2SISSON, Orrin H.—4 July 1837-21 January 1916[private,] Co. I, 185th NYV Infantry
K-6STEWART, John—died, 14 January 1914Co. G, 10th NYV Infantry
[John Stewart.—Age, 22 years. Enlisted, October 12, 1861, at Truxton; mustered in, Co. G, 10th NYV Cavalry; mustered out, November 14, 1864, at Petersburg, Va.]
C-4VREDENBURG, Amos—died, 16 October 1918, aged 83Co. H, 157th NYV Infantry
[Amos Vredenburg.—Age, 31 years. Enlisted, November 1, 1863, at Canandaigua; mustered in as private; transferred to Co. K, 54th NYV Infantry; discharged, July 3, 1865.]
F-19WARNER, Charles—1846-1929[Charles Warner.—Age, 18 years. Enlisted, February 4, 1864, at Fabius; mustered in as private; promoted to Full corporal, April 2, 1865; transferred to Co. A, 1st Provisional Cavalry; mustered out, July 19, 1865, at Cloud's Mills, Va.]
M-39WAY, George—died, 12 February 1911, aged 74Co. E, 149th NYV Infantry. He was wounded in leg at Chancellorsville, 3 May 1862; in hospital, 29 August 1862, age 26; discharged 23 December 1863. Source: Onondaga Historical Association.
C-2WHITE, Charles—died, 24 March 1880, aged 36Co. A, 50th NYV Engineers
C-6WHITE, William H.—1842-1917Co. I, 185th NYV Infantry
P-31WHITFORD, John L.—1845-1896 



July 12, 2002 I received an email from Mary Oree Kolodziej of Minoa, NY, a great-granddaughter of William Albert Morgan. In it she said:

. . . WILLIAM ALBERT MORGAN was my great-grandfather. I have considerable information on him. You may want to add some of the following:
He was born 1 July 1844 in Tully and enlisted there on 23 August 1861 as a Private. He was 18 years old. (This per the 1865 Record of the Town of Tully, County of Onondaga, Officers, Sailors & Seaman composing quotas of the troops furnished to the United State by the Town of Tully, page 13.) Dorothy Preston of the Tully Area Historical Society showed me this book.
On 27 September 1861 he mustered into Co. "A", 10th NY Cavalry.
He re-enlisted on 31 December 1863.
He mustered out on 26 June 1865 at Cloud's Mills, VA.
He was promoted to Blacksmith and Carriage Maker on 15 August 1862.
9 June 1863 he was injured in a cavalry charge at Brandy Station, VA. The brigade, commanded by Gen. Kilpatrick, was charging a battery and Stewart's Headquarters. There was a wall fence in the way, and Wm. Albert's horse fell, throwing him off. He was not able to leave the battle area until the last of July, when he went to a Hospital in Frederick City, MD.

I know he returned home and set up a blacksmith & carriage making shop, first in Taylor, Cortland Co. and then in Preble, Cortland Co. I have his pension applications, etc., and I am forwarding a copy of them, together with his family tree, to the Onondaga Historical Association and the Tully Area Historical Society.

Thanks for the opportunity to add to his file information. Use whatever you think is appropriate.
Kenneth Jennings Wooster
27 Abdallah Avenue
Cortland, New York 13045-3302
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