Savage AJ-1 BuNo 122599

Savage AJ-1 VC-6 side number 8

This picture comes from the publication SKYLINE, published quarterly for employees by North American Aviation, Inc., Volume 9, No. 3, August 1951. The image shows the aircraft on the port elevator during carrier qualifications on the USS Midway (CVB-41). The time was either 14 or 15 May in 1951. At that time VC-6 was stationed at Patuxent River, Maryland, and twenty-five pilots of VC-6 qualified aboard the Midway. My justification for identifying this plane as 122599 is a picture on page 83 of Ginter dated 14 October 1953 identifying NF/8 as 122599. Since the pictures are taken 17 months apart, this is not proof positive. However, it seems highly probable. This is a rare picture showing the tail and wings folded. It also appears as if the cowling has been removed from the starboard engine.