Savages AJ-2P BuNo 128050 and
AJ-2P BuNo 128054

This photograph, the same as shown by Ginter on page 63, has been archived from
Buno 128050 bears side number 1 of VJ-61, and BuNo 128054 bears side number 2. Ginter says that the picture was taken over Hawaii in March 1953 and that BuNo 128050 had the squadron insignia and the wording "CDR J. C. Harris" and "J. C. Caron ADC" painted on the nose.
These two planes were used in VJ-6 Det Queen during the Korean War. On page 65 Ginter says, "Detachment Queen was assigned to Sangley Point, Philippines, during the Korean War. The detachment was originally made up of AJ-2P 128050 (PB/1) and 128054 (PB/2) as seen on page sixty-three. Det Queen enhanced the two aircrafts markings by adding a red tip fin and white prop spinners. One of the detachment's secret missions was to fly surveillance over China and North Korea. PB/2 128054 was stripped of all excess weight, including the tail hook in an effort to increase the aircraft's top speed on the deck. In theory it was possible to out-run the Communist MIGs. The blue paint was removed from the undersides and sides of PB/2 and replaced by waxed natural metal surfaces to increase the AJ's speed further. During these missions the crewmen carried 45 caliber hand guns with bandoleers of ammunition and brought aboard Thompson sub-machine guns."
Ginter further states that these two planes were replaced in June 1954 by AJ-2P 129158 (PB/6) and 130423 (PB/7).