Fox Company, Section 5, Class IX,
Navy OCS at Newport, Rhode Island

1 November 1952 to 6 March 1953

Owen D. Smith
208 East West Street, Georgetown, Illinois
University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science

Jack V. Stumpf
227 N. Third Avenue, Morton, Illinois
University of Illinois, B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology, Associate of Applied Science
[Jack bunked along the opposite wall. We served together later in VC-9 in Sanford.]

William B. Wallace
4324 15th Street, N.W., Washington, District of Columbia
Columbia College, Columbia University, Bachelor of Arts
[Bill was our section leader for some (if not all) of our four months.]

Robert B. Ward
1203 South Waverly Drive, Dallas, Texas
Yale University, Bachelor of Arts

Arnold K. Weber, Jr.
514 South Park Drive, Collingswood, New Jersey
Dickinson College, Bachelor of Arts

Ian McK. White
136 Cypress Avenue, Kentfield, California
Harvard College, Bachelor of Arts
Harvard School of Design, Harvard University

Michael O. Willette
Delavan, Minnesota
St. John's University, Bachelor of Arts

Robert L. Williamson
Box 507, Mingo Junction, Ohio
Heidelberg College, Bachelor of Science
[Bob occupied the lower bunk beneath me.]

Robert A. Wilson
35 Lake Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts
University of Rhode Island, B.S. General Business Administration

William D. Wolfe
R.R. #1, Clinton, Illinois
University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science
[I recall Bill as a non-swimmer and terrified at having to jump into the pool from the high tower. He kept saying, "I ain't agonna do it." If we had not finally convinced him to jump, he would have flunked out.]

Robert P. Womack
3124 Rosemont Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee
University of Chattanooga, B.S., Business Administration
[He had one of the heavier southern accents.]

Peter S. Wood
88 Macdougal Street, New York 12, New York
Hamilton College, Bachelor of Arts

John W. Woodring
1430 Ferry Street, Euston, Pennsylvania
Lafayette College, B.S., Civil Engineering
[I beleive he slept in the bunk next to mine on the side toward the head.]

_______ Woosley
From Georgia Tech. He was dismissed early on for "unsuitability" to military life. Contrary to regulations he carried his books in his left arm clutched to his breast. He was always cold and had a lighter fluid fueled hand warmer in his glove that he was constantly holding to his face. Jack Stumpf rather cruelly tormented him at night by throwing the windows in their section of the barracks wide open. The rumor was that Woosley had brought a car north, it had been in a minor accident, and the authorities had found pornography in the trunk.

Kenneth Wooster
41 Fennell Street, Skaneateles, New York
The New York State College for Teachers, Bachelor of Arts

Charles E. Wooten
The Terrace Court, Birmingham, Alabama
Northwestern University, B.S., Speech

Doak M. Worley, Jr.
Sumner, Mississippi
Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Arts
[Doak had been a page in the U.S. Senate. Later, while at AGO school in Jacksonville, we spent a weekend together on a fishing trip. The last time I saw him was in the summer of 1953, when his ship came into Norfolk and he borrowed my car.]

Robert R. Worth
Greenville, Delaware
Princeton University
B.S., Engineering

David O. Wright, Jr.
640 Main Street, Erwin, Tennessee
East Tennessee State College, B.S., Business Administration

Gustave A. Yack
23 Pavonia Avenue, Arlington, New Jersey
Seton Hall University, B.S. Accounting

Edward P. Yaglou
10 Vernon Road, Belmont, Massachusetts
Harvard College, Bachelor of Arts

Robert O. Yahn
2219 West Byron Street, Chicago, Illinois
Loyola University, B.S.C., Accounting

Gordon T. Yarborough
9850 Yoakum Drive, Beverly Hills, California
U.C.L.A., A.B. Psychology
[He had been living in Hawaii at the time of Pearl Harbor and was evacuated to the mainland in a darkened convoy in the first few weeks of the war.]

John C. Yeager
1207 Avenue O, Huntsville, Texas
East Texas State College, Bachelor of Science

Alan E. Yergin
R.R. #5, New Castle, Indiana
Wabash College, A.B. Political Science

Dwane F. Yoder
R.D. #1, Boswell, Pennsylvania
State Teachers College, B.S., Education

Claude E. Young
8020 South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana
Southeastern Louisiana College
B.A., Business Administration

Woodrow Zaros, Jr.
52 Alexine Avenue, East Rockaway, New York
St. Lawrence University, B.S., Chemistry

Leonard H. Zeegen
3511 Dekalb Avenue, Bronx, N.Y.
New York University, B.S., Business Administration
[He was not commissioned.]

James A. Zimmerman
3997 Tippecanoe Road, Youngstown, Ohio
Oberlin College, B.S., Geoplgy

John R. Zeiller
204 South Euclid Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey
Middlebury College, Bachelor of Arts
[I believe that it was he who succeeded Bill Wallace as our section leader during the final month or two.]

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