A Heavy Attack Chronology

This rather rough time line is intended to give a sense of who, what, where and when in the heavy attack program from its inception and through its transition to refueling and ultimately to reconnaisance. Please note that because my primary interest is the AJ-1 and the AJ-2 I have not included VAH/RVAH-1, VAH/RVAH-2, VAH/RVAH-3, and VAH/RVAH-4. Those four squadrons never flew the Savage and primarily flew A3Ds and then RA-5Cs. All the squadrons that are in my list at one time or another flew the AJ-1, the AJ-2, or the AJ-2P.

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File created: 29 July 2003.
File modified: 21 December 2003; April 10, 2004; July 28, 2004.