Naval Aviation News, January 1955


The January 1955  edition of Naval Aviation News contained a four page article about VC-6 and the North American AJ Savage.

In January 2004 Chuck Huber sent along to me a scan of the four pages. William "Bill" Swegle, an Ensign and Ltjg in VC-6 from 1952 to January 1955, had sent them to Chuck for inclusion in Chuck's web site at For technical reasons Chuck was unable to fit them into his site and hoped that I would and could include them here. Of course, I am delighted to do so. Always I am in search of  information about the Navy's role in heavy attack, especially during the period when the North American Aircraft AJ Savage was the primary aircraft of the mission.

Due to the large size of the images if they are presented full size it becomes necessary to constantly scroll back and forth. I have taken each of the four files and reduced them in size, with the end result that the text becomes much more difficult to read. Eventually I will try to present a transcribed version of the text, but for now I will go ahead and upload things as I have them. For those who are interested in reading the text more easily or investigating the details of a picture more readily, I have provided the option of linking to the full-size images.

The article was written in 1955 when VC-6 was located on the west coast at San Diego. Some of the pictures, however, were older photos taken in 1951 (or before) when VC-6 was stationed on the east coast at Patuxent River, Maryland. If you pay strict attention you will note that AJ-1 and AJ-2 photos are intermixed. In general, the AJ-1 photos are the east coast photos and the AJ-2 photos are the west coast photos. For the uninitiated, the AJ-1s (prior to a 1955 retrofit) had dihedral in their tails. The AJ-2 (and the remanufactured AJ-1s) had no dihedral. Since this copy of  Naval Aviation News was published in 1955, we can be fairly safe in distinguishing one from the other on the basis of their tails.

Several of the older pictures in this article had appeared in print previously in the August 1951 (volume 9 number 2) edition of Skyline, which was a quarterly published by North American Aviation for its employees. A couple have also appeared recently in Steve Ginter's  1992 book Naval Fighters Number Twenty-two: North American AJ-1 Savage.

The article in Naval Aviation News contains at least one error. The photograph on page 4 of AJ-2 NF/12 being lowered on the outboard/port elevator is misidentified as being on USS Midway. Actually the picture was taken aboard  USS Yorktown on 8 February 1954. Although it is not legible in the picture, the BuNo is 134058.

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