AJ-1 and AJ-2P Publicity Brochures
from North American Aviation

In late September and early October 2003, I obtained two small publicity brochures for the AJ-1 and the AJ-2P. Below are scans of their front covers. Each is 9.5 inches wide and 5 inches high. The black portion at the left is a flap that folds outward to the left. The remaining portion of the front folds to the right. Inside the AJ-1 brochure is a photo with a white early-design clamshell canopy and with its prop spinners removed. The photo inside the AJ-2P brochure shows a flight of three AJ-2Ps, the same photo that is at the bottom of page 68 of Ginter.

I wonder if a similar brochure existed for the AJ-2. Anyone out there with any information re that question?

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File created: 5 October 2003.
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