Wedding Reception
Jack and Mary Alice Stumpf

The picture below was sent to me in December 2004 by my old buddy from section Fox-5 in Class IX of OCS at Newport and from my early days in VC-9 at Sanford. As Jack commented in his forwarding message, "Were we ever so young?" The time is January 1954, and the place is Sanford, Florida.

Wedding Jack and Mary Alice Stumpf
Left to right: Jack's sister Mina; Kenneth Wooster, best man; Mary Alice, bride; Jack, groom; Margaret Braun, matron of honor; Julius Braun.
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Mary Alice and Margaret had attended UCLA together. Later they both worked at the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake. Jack met Mary Alice there in the summer of 1953 while Jack was in school for the AN/ASB-1 system. Julius also had met Margaret there. Julius was project officer at Cape Canaveral for the Redstone missile when we were at Sanford. At the time the picture was taken, Mina was a college student in Illinois. She is now married to Harry Bentsen and lives in Springfield, Illinois.


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