Underwater Wreckage of AJ-2 1340.. in Philippines

In November 2006 I received an email from Dave Manning dave@electricalfibers.com. He told me of underwater wreckage of an AJ-2 that had been discovered near Subic Bay in the Philippine Republic and sent the following three pictures.

The letter code, the paint color, the partial BuNo, and the style of the markings all combine to indicate that this was an AJ-2 assigned to VAH-6 and that whatever occurred happened sometime beween approximately January 1956 and May 1957. The most likely candidate seems to be BuNo 134060 which was operated by VAH-6 and w/o (written off) 10 January 1957. A second but less likely candidate is BuNo 134068 which was listed as DBR (damaged beyond repair) in January 1956. My recollection is that the planes were very likely to have had the old blue paint scheme at that time (January 1956) rather than the newer mist grey paint scheme.

Relying upon my hunch I have written on 23 November 2006 for the accident report for BuNo 134060 in the hope that I can get some idea of the locale and circumstances of its loss.

Since Dave Manning's first email we have been in contact several times, and I have been able to tell him that the side number of BuNo 134060 was "5," where to look for the side number, and also where else to look for the BuNo. Dave has put me in touch with Steve Brittian stvbrit@yahoo.com, who is one of those who have dived upon the wreckage. Steve is an instructor at Johan's Adventure and Wreck Dive Center http://www.subicdive.com/.

Steve Brittian has been more specific about the location of the wreck, telling me that it is "located near Silangin w/c is approximately 10-15km North of Subic Bay along the coast, it's surprisingly close to shore as a matter of fact." Steve says that it is 72 meters deep "so running trips to this site are only done on a rare occasion when we have qualified deep divers with proper training and experience." He has indicated to me that he will try to uncover more of the identifying marks at his next opportunity. I am in hopes that the other side of the vertical tail fin will reveal the last two digits of the BuNo. That would be conclusive. However, a side number will be almost as good.

On 28 November 2006, Steve Brittian wrote in an email, "Earlier today Mr. Johan De Sadelier, the owner of the dive shop, dove the bomber with 2 other divers. Lo and behold, he revealed the last two digits! Your assumption is correct, and the full BuNo NP[sic, really "NF"] 134060 is confirmed. That's her."

On 19 March 2013, I received an email from Jess Rowland, Jr. [JRowland@HVC.RR.COM] informing me that "Iíve got dadís old log books with a bunch of AJ-2 entries including his entry for piloting 134060 into the water."

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