Some Members of VC-6

Mid-1952 to January 1955

William F. "Bill" Swegle,, who was an Ensign and Lieutenant, j.g., in VC-6 during the period from mid-1952 to January 1955 sent to me 23 January 2004 a partial list of personnel in VC-6 during the time that he was in the squadron. Bill said:
These are names I copied from TAD orders or other documents, or recalled from memory. Many of the documents were carbon copies and difficult to read. Accordingly there may be a few misinterpreted letters in some names. After 50 years there may also be some errors due to my declining memory, especially as to individual assignments.
The list that he sent follows:
  1. ARMSTRONG, LCDR Robert M.
  2. BARRY, G.S.
  3. BATES, CAPT Fred L., Commanding Officer
  4. CONNOLLY, CAPT T.F., Commanding Officer
  5. DALE, LT Robert L. (Bob)
  6. DAVEY, LT Francis H. (Frank)
  7. DELAWARE, LT Joseph L.
  9. DOOLEY, LtCol George E., USMC, Executive Officer
  10. FRITSCH, LT Edward C., Jr.
  11. GORDON, RELE Ralph L.
  12. GRANTON, J.H.
  13. HANSEN, R.J., AD2
  14. HEISE, LT Fred(erick?) J.
  15. HODGE, Boyd R.CHMACH
  16. HODGES, LT Ashley R., Landing Signal Officer
  17. KIRSCHNER, M.D., AL1
  18. MC GEE, LT
  19. MC MASTER, LT Donald W.
  20. MC VAY, LTJG Kenneth M.
  21. NELSON, LCDR Robert J.
  22. NEWMAN, H.F.
  23. NORTHUP, CWO/ENS.Wilmer R. Jr.(Bill)
  24. PARADY, LT JAMES THOMAS (Tom), later LCDR and commander of a fighter squadron at NAS Miramar
  25. REFO, CDR John F., Executive Officer (USNA, Class of 1940. Biography)
  26. REESE, L.D., AB1
  27. SETTE, L.H.
  28. SHAW, LCDR Frank J.
  29. SPEASE, R.J.
  30. STULTZ, CDR Ronald F., O-in-C, VC-6 Det. Able, NAS Atsugi, and Commanding Officer VC-6, later CAPT and Commanding Officer NAS Lakehurst.
  31. SWEGLE, William F. (Bill), Air Intelligence and Radar Target Intelligence
  32. THUDIUM, CDR Ralph M, Executive Officer and O-in-C VC-6 Det Able
  33. TIMM, LCDR Henry O.
  34. WEST, LT Ronald R.
  35. WILSON, James J., Jr.

On November 20, 2004, I received a telephone call from E. Ensworth, who left the Navy in 1952. He had joined VC-5 at Moffett after he left boot camp and then had been a plankowner in VC-6. He moved with VC-6 to Pax and then to Pt. Lyautey. He will be e-mailing me a list of names of additional personnel, and he will be mailing to me some VC-6 photos.

He was a friend of Roy Williams.

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