Town of Skaneateles

Submitted by Linda Jasztal

A       Males under 5 years of age              N       Females under 5 years of age
B       Males of 5 and under 10                 O       Females of 5 and under 10
C       Males of 10 and under 15                P       Females of 10 and under 15
D       Males of 15 and under 20                Q       Females of 15 and under 20
E       Males of 20 and under 30                R       Females of 20 and under 30
F       Males of 30 and under 40                S       Females of 30 and under 40
G       Males of 40 and under 50                T       Females of 40 and under 50
H       Males of 50 and under 60                U       Females of 50 and under 60
I       Males of 60 and under 70                V       Females of 60 and under 70
J       Males of 70 and under 80                W       Females of 70 and under 80
K       Males pf 80 and under 90                X       Females of 80 and under 90
L       Males of 90 and under 100               Y       Females of 90 and under 100
M       Males of 100 and upwards                Z       Females of 100 and upwards


Alpheus Weller          C2-D1-G1-O1-Q1-R1-T1
Rhoda Wightman          P1-R1-U3-X1                                                
Amos Pardee             A2-G1-R1
Abraham Waldron         I1-R2-V1                      
Charles Pardee          I1-T1-V1                                                                                    
Ephraim Smith           F1-O1-Q1-S1-
Amos Benedict           A1-B1-C1-E1-G1-N1-O1-P1-Q1-T1
Ashbel Moses            B1-C1-D1-E1-G1-Q2-R1-T1
Noah Peck               D1-F1-G1-N1-P1-Q1-S1
Peter Van Kleick        A1-C1-F1-N1-S1
Dyer Lewis              A1-B1-F1-R1-V1
Hezekiah Earll          A1-C1-E2-F1-O1-Q1-R1-S1
Robert Earll            E1-J1-R1-V1
Ira Reynolds            A1-B1-C1-D1-G1-N1-O1-S1-W1
Robert F. Van Tine      A2-C1-E2-F1-O2-P1-S1
Daniel Earll            E1-Q1
Henry Young             E1-O1-R1
Abraham A. Cuddeback    E2-F1-J1-P2
Henry Johnson           no information recorded         
Lewis R. Rowley         A1-G1-N1-P1-T1
Moses Cuddeback         C1-D1-E2-G1-O1-P2-T1
James Daley             C2-G1-N1-O1-P1-Q1-T1
William Nippur          C2-D2-G1-N1-O1-P1-T1
Nona Peirce             A2-B1-E1-N1-R1
Caleb Mc Keel           D1-F1-P1-Q1-R1
Liva Peck               C1-D2-H1-N1-O1-P1-Q1-T1
Patty Carn              A2-S1
Eleazer T. Smith        B1-C1-D1-H1-P1-Q1-R1-T1
Isaac Decker            E1-R1
Ebenezer Seely          A1-G1-T1
Joseph Watts            E1-Q1
Andrew Reed             B2-C3-E1-G1-N2-Q3-T1
Elias Young             A2-B1-C1-F1-N1-P1-R1
Daniel Young            A1-B2-C1-F1-N1-P1-S1
Henry M. Stoner         A2-B3-C1-D1-F1-N1-O1-Q1-S1
Ephraim Thomas          G1-K1-O1-U1
Henry Albing/Albring    B1-C1-H1-N1-O1-R1-T1
Francis De Witt         no information recorded 
George Taylor           A1-C1-E2-N1-R1
Hannah Cuykendall       A1-N1-S1-W1
Elizah Parsons          C2-E2-H1-O2-Q1-R2-T1-W1
James Gumaer            C1-E1-N1-R1-
Thomas Roberts          B3-C1-F1-P1-S1
Isiah Cuddeback         A1-B3-C1-F1-O1-P1-R1
Libyo/Sibyo? Hornbeck   no information recorded
Francis Ruf(p)ill?      A2-B2-F1-N1-P2-S1
Abraham Cole            I1-V1
Egbert Cuddeback        B1-C1-E1-F1-N1-O2-S1
Stephen Newell          A1-F1-N1-O2-P2-S2
Ebenezer Foote          A1-B1-D2-H1-P3-R1-U1
Holcomb Peck            B1-D1-F1-R1-S1-U1
Timothy Foote Jr.       B1-C1-D2-E1-H1-N1-P1-R1-S1-T1
Solomon Davis           D2-E2-H1-P1-Q1-U1
Timothy Foote           J1-V1
Teunis Van Houten       E1-H1-P1-S1-V1
Elijah Miles            B1-D1-E1-H1-N1-Q2-U1
John G. Garlock         A1-C1-D2-E1-G1-N1-O1-P1-R1-S1
Nathan Boughton         C1-H1-P1-R1-U1
James W. Bride?         G1
John Aumock             A1-C1-F1-N1-O1-P1-Q1-S1
Adam DeWitt             A2-B2-C1-D1-F1-O2-S1
Barney Young            A1-B2-E1-N1-O1-R1
Jacob Slover            A1-G1-O2-P1-Q2-R1-T1
Ezekiel Van Waggener    I1-V1
Asa Hatch               D1-I1-R1-V1
Tho. Christmas Jr.      A1-F1-N1-O1-R1
Henry Slack             A1-B1-F1-N1-R1
Peter Tallman           A1-C1-D1-F1-O2-Q1-S1
Amos Gear               A1-B1-E1-O2-P1-R1
Moses Cuykendall        A1-B1-C1-F1-N1-O1-P1-Q1-S1
Teunis Le Fever         B2-C1-D1-G1-O1-P1-T1
Jacob Deafendorff       A1-C1-D2-G1-O1-P1-S1
Spencer Covist          A1-E1-R1
Daniel Blanchard        A1-B1-D1-F1-N1-Q1-S1
Elisha Van Gilder       A1-F1-N2-O1-R1 
Benj. Harrington        A1-E1-N1-P1-R1
Nancy Benson            D1-Q1-R1-T1                     
Alanson Benson          B1-C1-D1-E1-F1-G1-N1-O1-R1-S1-W1
Isaac Staples           I1-R1-S1-V1
Solomon Prentiss        B1-C1-D2-E1-H1-O1-Q1-U1
Thaddeus Edwards 2nd    A2-F1-O1-R1
William Sarr (listed Sau in index)

There are approximately 584 names on the 1830 Skaneateles Census.
This partial census represents about 81 families.

Records copied at the New York City Library.
Transcribed by Linda A. Jasztal February 19, 2000.

Submitted 2 April 2000