Last will and testament of William Wooster—1623

Copy of the will of Willyam Woster of Chedington, Buckinghamshire,
dated 1623, October 30.


Court of the Archdeacon of Buckinghamshire

Register 33. folio 34.

In the name of God Amen.
Dated 30 October, 1623
Willyam Woster of Chedington, Co, Bucks.
I bequeath my soule to almightie God, my maker & redemer, & my bodie to be buried in the churchyarde or church of the parishe of Chedington aforesaide att myne execs. appointement.

Item. I give & bequeth unto Willyam Woster, myne eldest sonne ten pounds
To my sonne Thomas £10
To my sonne Edward £10
To George my sonne, & his heires forever, one messuage lately purchased of Robert Steevens, & all my free groundes, & yarde lande of copie holde in the feildes of Chedington within the parishe of Ivinghoe, after my wife's decease. Unto Ffrancis, my sonne, all the rest of my copie holde lands, being by estimation one yarde be it more or lesse, after my wife's decease.
To Mary, my eldest daughter £100, & to Rebecca my younger daughter £100, to be paid when they shall come to the age of twentie years, or at their date of mariage; Looke wh. shall happen firste.

Item. My will is that my three sonnes, Willyam, Thomas & Edward, shall have their severall legacies bequeathed as they shall come to the age of one & twentie years.
To the poore of Chedington 10 S.
The rest of my goodes & chattels, my debtes paide, my funerall discharged, I bequeath to Rebecca, my lovinge wife, whom I make my full & lawfull executrix. I desire my loving ffreindes, George King, my ffather-in-lawe, & Thomas Wigge of the Rectory of Mentmore to be overseers.

Witnesses:Richard Reynolds
Thomas Wigg
John Houghton
George King

Probate granted 20th Novr. 1623 to the executrix.


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