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These are the names found on the tombstones in the Wooster Family Cemetery, located on East Waterbury Road, Naugatuck, Connecticut. This information was gathered in 1934 by Levi L. Glasson

Wooster, F.H. b. 6/1855, d. 12/1928 Age 73

Bailey, Sylvester B., d. 6/28/1892 Age 65 G.A.R.

Isbell, Lorin, d. 8/8/1860 Age 73
Isbell, Abigail, wife of Lorin, d. 6/4/1860  Age 63
Isbell, Harold W., son of R. H. & S. M. d. 8/30/1848 Age 1 y 8 mo
Isbell, infant son of R.H. & S.M. d. 10/30/1848

Wooster, Emily Peartree, wife of W.O. b. 11/6/1831, d. 3/26/1921
Wooster, Walter O., d. 4/14/1891 Co. A. 2 Regt. H.A. Penn Vols. G.A.R.

Wooster, Lockey, wife of Sheldon, d. 11/15/1884 Age 90
Wooster, Sheldon, d. 12/18/1866 Age 74
Wooster, Myrtilla, daughter of Sheldon & Lockey, d. 10/27/1863 Age 27
Wooster, Gilbart, d. 2/26/1908, Age 75 Co.K. 15 Inf, Conn. Vols. G.A.R.

Wooster, Gilead, d. 5/17/1908 Age 74, Co.H. 23 Inf. Conn Vols, G.A.R.

Wooster, David, d. 4/4/1865 Age 75
Wooster, Anna, wife of David, d. 11/2/1857 Age 61
Wooster, Esther M., daughter of David & Anna, d. 3/1/1843 Age 8
Wooster, Ellen Rebecah, daughter of David & Anna,  d.10/17/1844 Age 5

Wooster, Albert, d. 1/20/1844 age 36
Wooster, Nancy E. Briggs, wife of Horace B., d. 1/25/1857 Age 30

Wooster, Willis, no dates
Wooster, Willis, d. 12/10/1835 Age 16
Wooster, Mitchel, d. 10/10/1841 Age 10 y 6 mos 5 days
Wooster, Ursula Beebe, wife of Walter, d. 9/28/1846 Age 86
Wooster, Walter, (Rev.) d. 7/21/1829 Age 82

Wooster, Ester, wife of Levi, d. 3/25/1858 Age 77
Wooster, Levi, Capt., d. 11/29/1859 Age 79