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Try your hand at the Dupont science essay contest to get a US savings bond. The essence of this contest is to try to address critical issues of the modern world by writing a science essay of 700 to 1,000 characters. There will be three winners in all, and a cash prize will be presented. You can choose a topic from those already prepared, which focuses on:

  • About fighting world hunger
  • About safe energy
  • Protecting the human environment
  • About innovation and its benefits.

The above topics are far from simple, so even considering that you are versed in a particular issue can put you at a disadvantage. The essay should have a clear structure, adhere to your chosen style, and be quite persuasive. 

How to Write a Scientific Essay Properly

The author should make sense of the issue in a research essay based on their research and analysis. Depending on the industry, you can also use statistical data, surveys, examples, etc. But the most important thing you need to know about is the correct structure of your essay. So, a research essay should have this structure:

  • Introduction

In this part, the author should explain why they chose this particular topic for writing the essay. The main thing you need to do is to correctly formulate the main question and its solution in your text.

When writing an essay, you can maintain not only a strict and dry style but also dilute your arguments with general phrases, but only in the necessary context.

  • Main part

The central part contains the answers to the question posed on the topic. Then, you can create two or three paragraphs with solutions to the problem at your discretion. These solutions should be supported by proof, an illustration of the issue, and a mini conclusion. Use more subheadings to express your thoughts more logically. Finally, cite information that examines your topic’s current state of affairs addresses significant difficulties and controversies, and suggests methods for solving the problem. 

  • Summary

Here you describe the reasoned conclusions of what has already been said in the main body of the text. Do not introduce any new information near the end. Just comment on what is there.

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