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Nowadays, questions often arise as to the contradictions between religion and science as a whole. There are many allegations that science “dries hearts,” deprives man of the intangible, and the efforts of science to know everything proves its interference in religion, which in general makes urgent the problems of their connection. Theoretically, most religions should be apolitical, but given the current state of society and the position of religion in it, it is not necessary to speak, to put it mildly, so again there are several important socio-political issues concerning religion in politics (in political science), religion in society (in sociology), religion in science in general. It is impossible to eliminate the interference of one phenomenon in another because they are quite closely intertwined, especially since there is a science of religion. Although unequivocal and indisputable, the problems arising from this plexus should be deduced, analyzed, discussed, and ultimately, based on the most objective assessment of reality, to make a clear plan to solve them. For this purpose, teachers often demand students to write a relation between science and religion essay. The main purpose of writing an essay on this topic is the development of creative thinking and the ability to express ideas in writing. Working on an essay is incredibly useful for the author, as it teaches him to structure information qualitatively, identify cause-and-effect relationships, accurately supplement their experience with specific examples, and argue their point of view.

How to write a relation between science and religion essay?

The essay expresses one’s thoughts and experiences. It is an expression of one’s own opinion or impression of a situation. To make the text easy to read, alternate long sentences with short ones. The work should be unique, so the use of general phrases should be avoided. The most important thing is to express your point of view without deviating from the topic. Certain features are different from other genres of works. For the correct writing of the work, they should be considered. The main features include:

  • Narrow problematic topic that makes the reader think;
  • Conversational writing style;
  • Situation analysis;
  • Clear and concise explanation;
  • Specifics;
  • Author’s view of the situation;
  • Casual storytelling.

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